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Society: Sustainable housing

In our descriptions of sustainable development, too often we had to refer to Dutch models. Yet, we know that also in Flanders, there are experts. Ann Walraevens is one of them. She is the Civil Servant for Sustainability in the environment office of Herselt. She certainly is a civil servant of the new style, and we like her, although we only know her website:

We quote her:
“If we want to work for a sustainable world , we must live differently, keeping two words in our minds: efficiency and enough.


We must investigate how we can make a more efficient use of water, energy and materials. This can be done for instance by using saving lamps and showers.
The use of cars can also be much more efficient. An American study shows that the average American needs 1600 hours (driving time + finding parking space+ earning money to pay the cost of the car) to drive 10.000 km.,which is an average speed of 5 kph. Would the bicycle not be much more efficient in some situations?


We know that we do not have a lack of anything. Most of our material needs are fulfilled.
Besides, it is not the material things that people find really important, but: happy relationships, time to enjoy ourselves and to have fun, a good health, freedom to make choices…”

Admit it, dear visitor, you were not given such advice very often at a town hall counter! Ann has plenty of tips for you and also an original description of our impact on the world (our ecological step).
In a nutshell, a civil servant to go ahead with!

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