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Society: Sustainable enterprise

After the sustainable civil servants, there are the sustainable entrepreneurs . You might think they do not exist, that they only think of profit. Wrong!

Sustainable enterprise is indeed a well-known theme in entrepreneurs organisations and training centres. In Flanders, the Vlerick School has already organised several seminars on this, and in the Netherlands, lots of people are working on it. There is a large body of symposiums, know-how centres and advice bureaus.

Even more, there are organisations for sustainable investment! The Organisation of Investors in Sustainable Development (VBDO) regards sustainability and socially justified enterprise as a matter- of- fact investing criterion, with attention for man and environment, beside profit and risk, so that all parties involved become better of it, now and in the future.

Extending on the principles of sustainable development, a new definition of profit has been coined.

“Do you, as an investor know what the company you invested in, does with your money? Does the company use your money socially justified, or is their only aim to make a short-term profit?” (VBDO) Strange creatures,aren't they?

In addition we can refer to an international engineers bureau DHV . “Profit maximalisation is no longer the only purpose, central is the creation of value. Value for the customers, the employees, the share-holders and the company…With three dimensions: People, Planet and Profit. A company in its attempt to reach sustainable enterprise, looks for a balance between financial and economic results, social interests and reduction of the burden on the environment .”

Even Karl Marx did not have such a sense of responsibility! People of Riga, until recently a town in the Soviet Union , are still surprised by it. Besides, nor NMS nor other SDIT partners have any impact on this (entrepreneurs) world.

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