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Sustainability : Sustainable labour


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Sustainable labour

Society: Sustainable labour

Sustainable labour not only refers to work conditions, but also to the ecological aspects of the production and to the real creation of a social added value as an answer to the many social needs.

Under the right to sustainable labour, we understand the opportunity for everyone to spend part of their time on paid work and so to contribute to society.” Agalev Groen Werkt.

These are good principles, but we all know that unemployment is one of the biggest social problems worldwide, that child labour is a bane in the third world, that many peop hate their mind-killing job etc…

Another world problem not to be solved by NMS nor by any other SDIT partner.

Yet, we want to draw the attention to the job opportunity projects , set up by our Dutch SDIT partners for problem youngsters.

The target group, long–unemployed youth, have been in a year long vicious circle. Xgrant tries to get these young people out of this circle by means of a three-month long building project abroad, after which they get a six month long follow-up job in the Netherlands.

This may be small-scale, but every bit helps: we,NMS appreciate it!
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