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Mankind: Education

The right to education is one of the previously mentioned universal rights.In our society access to knowledge is as crucial for the development as access to e.g. raw materials.
In our fast evolving society, life-long education opportunities are of primordial importance for the individual as well as for the community.
Europe has understood , and after the Lissabon Top of 2002 launched a Memorandum on life-long learning with six key ideas. The Flemish Minister of Education had a study and a questionaire made about it, from which (CONBEL-report) we quote a couple of conclusions that are relevant to our project.
“To realise key message 2, investing more in human resources,there must be a financial support and an extension of the opportunities for combining learning, working and family life.”
“For key message 6, bringing learning activities closer to home,the importance of creating local networks and partnerships is emphasised, as well as relying on new information- and communication technologies.”
A next step was the Vilvoorde Pact, with the following goal for life-long learning: “In 2010 Flanders will have evolved into a learning society. Life-long and life-large learning will be embedded in society…
In 2010 the amount of functionally literates and of ICT-skilled people will have risen to more than three quarters of the population.”
To realise this more is needed than our SDIT project!

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