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Environment: Water

Water is the source of all life on earth; So its importance for each form of development can not be overestimated.
The United Nations are well aware of this. Therefore they proclaimed 2003 as The International Fresh Water Year.
This year the UN will put into the spotlight the goals of the Millennium and the World
Top for Sustainable Development of Johannesburg (2002). The unsustainable consumption of water must stop, so that in 2015:

  • the amount of the world population, having no access to drinking water must be reduced by half.
  • the amount of the world population , having no access to the treatment of waste water must be reduced by half.

This aspect was brought to the attention at the SDIT meeting of December 2002 (Mol) by Nathalie Draulans, a member of the Belgian delegation at the Johannesburg World Top.She also gave more information on the Third World Water Forum of Kyoto,Japan, March 16 to 23 2003, in which she was going to participate.
In the same meeting, Danny Vanderveken presented SPLASH, the third Youth Congress for Water,organised in the same context.
The sustainable use of water will also be the subject in the two NMS training sessions next year. In the SDIT training Mol this will take place during the visit to Hidridoe and VITO (Flemish Institute for technological Research ).

VITO has indeed an enormous expertise concerning water, water pollution and sustainable water consumption. In 2OO1 they published an “Inventory Study of rational water consumption.” for five economic sectors, with lists of the major water using processes, and water saving measures, with examples of a water balance scheme and a checklist for screening companies on their water consumption.

Sustainable use of water will of course also be on the agenda of the BISEL in-service training on Cyprus, an almost Middle Eastern country, where water just as oil is regarded as a reason for strategic warfare.
Besides the chemical analysis, VITO also uses the biotic index to define water quality.
It stands at the top in waste water treatment by membrane filtration.

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