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ICT : Communication


What is ICT?


Radio and TV already scored off the press in speed and information quantity. But the power of communication of ICT beats them with several lengths.

Dear visitor, any time you wish, you can immediately via Internet , within the hour, consult ten different sources on any subject from all continents, and store them in your computer. Even more, during the same time, you can communicate with many more people via e-mail, discussion forums, chatboxes, webpages, webcams and video conferences. And all superfast, in real time or asynchronic.

Computers can form a network locally or an intranet , for example of all plants of a multinational all over the world. And then there is Internet, which you are using right now. These computer networks are the basis of our knowledge society, the motorways along which knowledge, science, art and culture are spreading immensely fast worldwide, and are growing exponentially.

These networks not only link computers, but also people. Exchanges of knowledge, experiments, experience, opinions, ideas, suggestions, questions and answers: it all goes faster and wider thanks to the networks.
Due to these networks people can, if they wish and are allowed, search, think and work together much better.

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