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ICT : What is ICT?


What is ICT?

ICT: The second panel: What is ICT?

The second subject of the ICT project is the information and communication technology (ICT).

We might give a marvellous presentation of this, decorated with complicated definitions and terms. But we do not feel like it and we have good reasons.

You, dear visitor, can read or watch this text, you only have access to this information via a computer connected to the Internet. Through the same channel, you can tell us that you do not like our website. So, we can give information and communicate with this new technology. Why then explain what you already know, or even more, already use?

In the SDIT project, ICT is connected with sustainable development and adult education, which gives several possibilities. A narrow vision might consist in teaching adults how to use computer and ICT, which might contribute to the sustainable development of those people and their society.

A larger interpretation might be ,not only training adults in the use of ICT, but at the same time giving them a education in sustainable development.
The future will show whether the partnership will evolve into that direction, which might lead to the Grundtvig 1 project.

Anyway, in the present project ICT is in function of education, adult learning. We will not try to describe this relation. Already too many educationalists have given their vision on it.
For more information on the vision of the proper authorities, we refer to the website of the ministers in question in Flanders and the Netherlands. Then you will see that it is a much discussed subject, and that we better not say but do something about it!

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