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ICT : Information


What is ICT?


There was a time that all information was given orally. Memory training was the best method to learn.
Then we learned to write , and until the end of the 19th century, paper (parchment, papyrus) was the the major information vessel.
The 20th century brought us first the audio-visual means (radio, photo, film, TV, CD etc.), followed by the digital information carriers.
New is that ICT is a combination of all former carriers. On one DVD we can see a drama by Sophocles, filmed in the theatre of Epidauros, hear it in the language of our choice, and if we wish, a multi-media performance of the dramatist.

The knowledge in the data bases, linked to the calculating power of the computer or computer networks, increases human knowledge on all levels abruptly.
We can skim, approach, learn and teach this information in different ways.

It is of course a pity that this means of learning , and this form of knowledge transfer is rarely used on each level of education. New Media are not popular at school!

Let us not despair: the oldest among us were still taught to write with slate and slate-pencil. At the moment, paper is already used, and ballpoints are even allowed!

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