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ICT : Multimedia


What is ICT?


Word, sound, music, even speech recognition, the quality of digital sound beats all forms of sound reproduction which we knew before . Composing music, playing music, amplifying, purifying, copying perfectly… can all be done on computer.

The same for visual material: photos, films, video making, reworking, storing, copying, three-dimensional images… all can be done digitally.

Writing is done with the word processor and printer, scanner and copier: almost everything that appears on paper, can only be done thanks to ICT.

Fortunately, for how else could we use all this audio-visual information from the twentieth century? How long will record players for 78-tour discs still be available,Betamax video recorders , or 8 mm film projectors etc Digitalise is the key!
And these were only the multi-media from the past. What will the future bring us? You will not believe it…
Multi-media computers and sensors will be used as extensions for our central nerve system ( Cyborgs) . Our perceptions will be registered, stored , analysed and fed back during our daily activities. We will,as it were, contract out our memory. Outsourcing? No chips in your bodies, you say? Why then is it that cows, dogs etc. have them already? Orwell did not have that much imagination.

Let us return to education. Until now, no much use has been made there of multi-medial learning aids. Learning programmes, handbooks and copy books, you remember? It is best now to go along on the digital wave.
Lots of innovating views in education ( learning collaboratively, learning independently) need schools that are multi-medial open learning centres.

“This view on learning implies strong learning environments, which form a balance between the self- directing of learners at one hand, and a scale of accompanying elements (teacher, fellow pupils, school team) and processes (from strongly directed to complete self-directed)on the other hand.” from “Krachtlijnen van het ICT-beleid” VI Dep.Education.

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