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About NMS
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About NMS


Foto1The New Media School is a non-profit organisation and therefore acknowledged as a corporate body by the Belgian law. A board of directors and a general assembly are responsible for the management.
Most participants are active in education, in higher or secondary institutes. They work with projects and activities of the New Media School, either as a volunteer or free lance.


The New Media School tries to enhance and to realise the educational use of new media in society and education.
The NMS can provide activities, products and services related to these media: all graphic, multimedial, digital and electronic communication.
The NMS wishes to co-operate with schools, publishers, providers and others, to enhance and to spread the educational means and contents.
Its purpose is to enhance the social development, through education and training, nationally in Flanders, but also internationally through European partnerships and projects.


Foto2The NMS was founded in 1995 and was immediately engaged in a promotion campaign for new media in education by organising a symposium and workshops. The central theme of these were the educational use of computer and the internet.
In 1996 NMS participated for the first time in a European project ARTLINKS. in the European programme INFO 2000, with a.o. the publishers R.G. Visualia and De Gulden Engel.
The year 1997 produced successful European projects. For the publisher Averbode NMS provided teacher training courses in a Netd@ys project. With the strategic plan Kempen and the Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen, NMS got the pilot project Leonardo, which resulted in the online learning environment “Bridged”.
With the university of Ghent NMS participated in the Comenius project “Bisel”. This introduced us into the world of environment protection, more specifically water ecology.
In 1999 NMS organised, during this project, training courses in Kongsberg and Athens for teachers of as many as 22 different European countries.
That same year the Flemish government helped us financially, through IWT, by accepting the mulitmedia project WERELD. Together with publisher Averbode and with Belgacom we developed the online learning environment EXPLORIAN, a co-operation which led to the projects TTT and TTP during the following years.
The theme environment education was chosen when NMS stepped into Comenius Freshwater Network in 2000. For Green Pannonia NMS organised a Leonardo Mobility training in water ecology and ICT.
This laid the foundation of the synergy between ICT and environment care, which was sealed in 2002 with the Grundtvig project “Sustainable development and ICT in adult education”.

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