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The NMS team

The NMS team

Luc Vandeput

LucBefore graduating as an educationalist at the Catholic University of Louvain , Luc was already a teacher.
He works as a lecturer at the teacher training department of the Catholic College Louvain, campus Diest, and is also responsible for all e- learning of the KHL. On top of that, he is working for AVL, the post- university service of the KUL, and DOS- lecturer ( an updating course for teachers ) at Bokrijk.
For many years Luc has been convinced of the added value of ICT in all education and learning processes. He was president of TEAM, a group of Mac- users and ICT fans in education. This brought him into contact in the USA with ACOT, Apple Classrooms of tomorrow. In this programme, backed by the American government, pupils and teachers were given a technology -permeated environment, the profits of which were afterwards studied by educational experts.
This experiment forms the basis of almost all educational applications of ICT and internet in the US. It was here , as well as in the online forums for teachers, that Luc found his inspiration to create BRIDGED in the RELATED project.
As co- founder of the New Media School, Luc is involved in almost all ICT activities of NMS. He has built up an enormous expertise in educational ICT applications. His recent appointment as co-ordinator of e- learning for the KHL is an acknowledgment of his long struggle for innovation in education. Luc has always remained a teacher, an authentic one, but using ICT!

Ilse Stroobants

IlseAfter Latin- Greek secondary studies (St. Dimpna Geel ), Ilse graduated in 1993 as educationalist at the Catholic University of Louvain.
She had her first work experience as project leader in the Strategic Plan Kempen, a regional development organisation. It was here that she got the expertise in Flemish and European programmes (Leonardo, ESF, EFRO,…) on the themes Employment, ICT/tele- communication. Under her co-ordination several initiatives were realised: development of learning environment BridgED and the start of the ICT sensibilisation project CyberSkills.
In January 2000 she continued her career in the Higher Institute of Geel, where she enlarged her programme knowledge as project co-ordinator of Netmobile and the STIHO project BridgED- link.
Besides that she has also been active (since 1996 ) as a lecturer of didactics, media and educational organisation in the teacher training courses Geel (adult education, OSP-GPB).
September 2003 she started as a teacher and a trainee mentor at the St. Clara College of Arendonk.

Manuella Borghs

ManuellaAfter secondary school Scientific B (St. Dimpna Geel )she graduated in Romance Languages at the Catholic University of Louvain.
She worked as a teacher French at St. Dimpna’s and was involved in several exchange programmes there. At the moment she is a teacher- trainee mentor in the teacher training courses Geel (adult education, OSP-GPB )and European Co-ordinator of KOGEKA.
Manuella also participated in the BISEL project and in several teacher training courses a.o. Leonardo and Comenius.
She has a lot of experience in directing , in video and audio recordings, and in linguistic assistance to European project participants.
At the moment she is dreaming of a multi- lingual “survival package “ for this.
To be continued in 2004.

Danny Vanderveken

DannyAfter studies Latin-Science (St. Pieter’s Turnhout ) Danny graduated as biologist at the Catholic University Louvain.
He was a science teacher at St. Dimpna’s and the co-ordinator of the European exchange projects in several programmes. For KOGEKA he organised SPLASH , the third Youth Congress for Water, in 2003.
Now he is Headmaster of St. Maria Institute Kasterlee.
Danny was the driving force of the water and environment projects in several European programmes, project co-ordinator of NMS for the BISEL project and all water training projects. On top of that, he is also conservator of the nature reserve in his village Retie,a director of Green Belgium and a member of diverse environment organisations.To save water he prefers drinking beer and wine!

Lieve Eelen

LieveShe followed secondary education at St. Jozef Institute Herentals and got a teacher degree Sciences at the Kardinaal Van Roey Institute Vorselaar.
She was a science teacher at the St. Lutgardis Institute Turnhout and an educator and a computer teacher at St. Dimpna’s Geel.
At the moment she is responsible for the computer helpdesk of the KOGEKA schools Geel and ECDL training for teachers.
She is webmaster of St. Dimpna’s, and participated in NMS training for teachers (DIGIKIDS ) and for foreign participants in the Leonardo mobility projects.Mac or PC, they have no secrets for Lieve!

Patrick Verhaert

Graduated first as an electronics engineer at the KHK Geel and then started working there as a lecturer for the electronics engineers, responsible for the lab computers.
He set up a programme of a learning environment for the students to make and study all practice training, which earned him the Digikids Award 1999.
For years he was the organiser of the ESF project New Media in Education, an advanced multimedia ICT training of 28 sessions, for secondary and higher education teachers.
Patrick also teaches at the Computer Academy (Centrum 2000 ) at Turnhout and develops host websites e.g. for NMS. He is the author of two handbooks on his favourite software Dreamweaver. In a nutshell: Patrick is a specialist in weaving web dreams!

Karel Van Hoeck

KarelAfter his secondary Latin-Mathematics (Klein Seminarie Hoogstraten ) he graduated in mathematics at the Catholic University Louvain.
First he was a maths teacher at the Klein Seminarie and then at St. Dimpna’s, where for years he also taught computer science and gave computer training for teachers.
He is the regional co-ordinator of TEAM, a Mac- user and ICT- fan group in education. Apple Benelux appointed him as Apple Distinguished Educator for educative presentations.
He does not care much about PC’s , but Apple hard- and software have no secrets for him! Karel was responsible for NMS courses for Flemish teachers (Digikids, Philosiphical Hotel ), as well as for foreigners a.o. in Leonardo projects.

Karen Aerts

KarenAfter her secondary studies of Human Sciences (St. Dimpna’s) Karen studied for graphic designer at the Karel de Grote College of Antwerp. After post- graduate courses she lived and worked for a year in London.
There she worked in the children’s book department of Salamander Books and later in the advertising studio The Creative Consortium.
Back in Belgium she was a trainee,for half a year, in the Expertise Centre for Digital Media of the Limburg University Centre of Diepenbeek .
Since 1997 she has been working as a designer for the publishers RG Visualia at Dessel.
Since its very beginning she has been involved in the New Media School, for which she created the house style and the website, and she did her part of the designing for several projects a. o. ARTLINKS.

Tiny Dijsselbloem

After secondary Human Sciences (Virga Jesse Hasselt ) Tiny got the degree of Dutch and History teacher at the Paridaens Institute at Louvain.
She was a teacher at the Salvator College Hamont and at St. Dimpna’s,where she was involved in European exchange projects in several programmes: Lingua, MSP and Comenius. She was a presenter in a lot of pressconferences, academical and other multi-lingual meetings, and accompanied pupils in several countries. Tiny also assisted and informed foreign NMS guests in different training programmes a. o. Leonardo Mobility.

Laurens Vandeput

One of Luc Vandeput’s six children, Laurens is the most affected by the ICT virus! Computers, software and internet are irresistible for him,which resulted in the Vandeput home having a network installed to suit each member! Switching off the Internet is a nightmare for Laurens, although his father sometimes takes away the modem during exam periods!
At the moment Laurens follows Economics- Maths at the Voorzienigheid Institute at Diest,but he is already sure of what he will do next: ICT. He really is a computer freak! In the mean time he dismantles computers or puts them together,builds websites or plays the webmaster. He provides the animation of this website in Flash.

Lisette Heylen

LisetteShe studied Economics and Bookkeeping and worked as a bookkeeper in several accountancy offices.
In the New Media School she is the treasurer, a function demanding lots of tricks of the trade,as there usually is no treasure,and more incoming than outgoing bills!
And so, like all good bookkeepers, she regularly warns the management that the budget has been exceeded, is exhausted or in deficit, with the advice to cut down or even to stop!

Willy Aerts

ManuellaHe did not study New Media, let alone ICT at the KU Louvain, but Philosophy, Law and Classical Philology.
He was a Classical Language teacher and later Headmaster at St. Dimpna’s Geel.
Since 1992 he organised big European exchanges in annual European weeks,in which hundreds of pupils and ( host )parents from a total of 30 schools from 25 different European countries participated. These exchanges took place within educational projects of diverse European programmes,like Euro classes, Multiple School Partnership, Comenius, Lingua or just as an own initiative.
In St. Dimpna’s, as early as 1984, he already introduced into the school curriculum computer initiation for all pupils as a pilot project. The school was selected in 1986 as one of the 10 Flemish computer pilot schools. In 1992 it was selected by Apple as one of the 260 schools of the worldwide Apple Global Education (AGE ). They were a worldwide intranet, before the arrival of internet. Since 1996 the pupils got free access to this internet. So it is no wonder that after the erection of NMS, Europe and ICT became hot items.
Since 1999 Willy has been the manager of @rtsconsult, but as ever involved in most NMS activities.
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