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Visit cancelled but project accepted!

On 6 and 7 Sept 2003 there was planned a preparatory visit to Mol of a Grundtvig 1 project, proposed by the AOF from Denmark and by partners from Cyprus and Poland.This visit and the project were cancelled because of a personnel change in AOF.

But we do not give up yet! In October NMS went further, Willy wrote the pre-proposal and other partners from Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Spain and the U.K. joined as partners our T4ADDY project.

In January the Commission approved this Training for Adults with Dyslexic Disability-project and invited NMS to send in the full proposal. The new deadline is the first of March, so February will be a busy month...To be continued.

Deadline 1 Nov.

1 Nov. is traditionally the deadline for sending in projects for different actions of the Socrates programme like Minerva, Grundtvig a. o.

We received a lot of demands for partnerships and NMS finally agreed to join as partner two other Grundtvig 1 projects. One is co-ordinated by a partner from Latvia, the other by a partner from Roumania. We also joined two Minerva projects with co-ordinators of France and Italy. Finally the university of Lodz invited us to participate in a cultural project of the fifth Framework.

Later we will keep you informed on the content and the results of these proposals.

NMS Website

As you can see, our brandnew website is worth seeing. It is the product of:

  • Patrick Verhaert: programmes and hosting
  • Karen Aerts: graphic design
  • Laurens Vandeput: animation
  • Willy Aerts: text
  • Willy and Karen: pictures
  • Marleen Raeymaekers: translation from Dutch to English


Some co-operators started the new school or workyear in a new function or a new institute.
Luc Vandeput spends half of his working time now in the Park Abbey at Louvain, the location of the KUL central staff. Luc has been promoted as head of the e-learning for all departments. Remote learning is no new activity for Luc, and now he gets even more acknowledgment and opportunities for the higher institute.

Ilse Stroobants has chosen for a full-time teaching job after years of project work at the Catholic Higher Institute Kempen and the Strategic Plan Kempen. She already worked part-time in the adult courses of the KHK, more specifically in the GPB, where graduates can get a degree in Educational Skills to embark on a teaching job. Now she also works part-time in St. Clara’s College Arendonk.

Danny Vanderveken, our water expert, also changed job and school on Sept 1.
Hardly recovered from the organisation of SPLASH, the 3rd European Youth Congress for water, he departed for Kasterlee to become the headmaster of St. Maria’s Institute.

This secondary school is located near Goblin Hill and the Kleine Nete , so that the macro- invertebrae may expect a visit of goblins very soon!

NMS wishes the three of them a lot of success and work satisfaction!

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