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Projects : WERELD: learning with EXPLORIAN


WERELD: learning with EXPLORIAN


WERELD: WEReld Education on Line Demonstration project, IWT (Institute for Wetenschappelijk – Technologisch Research), a multi media demonstration project supported by the Flemish government.


  • Publishing house Altiora Averbode nv, project co-ordinator,
  • BELGACOM nv,
  • New Media School vzw,
  • University of Ghent,
  • KH Louvain


  • Demonstrating that the on-line technology is an excellent instrument in schools for education and communication
  • Providing specific learning methods, in which the Internet adds an extra value to the learning process
  • Developing an innovative on-line demonstration platform, in which teachers and pupils can work interactively and in a network
  • Providing coaching in the learning process by experts

Progress and Activities:

  • Composing diverse work groups a.o. for graphic design, programmation, didactic assistance
  • Stimulating and following up the progress meetings of the project
  • Testing and product assesment with teachers
  • Development of 6 learning modules for world orientation by the different work groups
  • Implementation of the EXPLORIAN learning environment in Flemish Education through publications, symposiums and study days


  • Explorian: a powerful learning environment on the Internet with 6 learning modules ( nature, technology, man, society, time and space ), for children from 10 to 14, in Dutch and French
  • More than 800 classes have entered after 1 year of working
  • Further exploited by joint venture Eduline (Averbode- Skynet )

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