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Projects : PHILOSOPHICAL HOTEL: children philosophize via the Internet


PHILOSOPHICAL HOTEL: children philosophize via the Internet


The Philosophical Hotel, Netd@ys project


  • Publishing House Altiora Averbode nv ( project co-ordinator ),
  • Apple Computer nv,
  • New Media School vzw,
  • Media et Animation asbl,
  • Cyber Theatre


  • Demonstrating that the on-line technology is an excellent training and communication instrument in education
  • Enhancing experiments, and helping teachers with the integration of technology in education
  • Giving children the opportunity to think independently, and to participate in an intercultural dialogue

Progress and Activities:

  • Introductory tests on the Kidcity site with 12 classes from 4 countries
  • On-line learning conversations between schoolchildren from B, NL, UK, and F , on philosophy for children
  • Training sessions for teachers


  • Philosophical Hotel: from 18 to 25 Oct. 97. Children can take part ,in four different languages, in conversations about: Can you know everything? The figure 0, A table is a table, Children’s rights
  • Oct. 19: video conference in Cyber Theatre, 40 children from 4 different language groups ( N, F, E, D ) receive 4 well-known people and philosophize together on the Internet. Via Internet, “hotel guests “ can see, hear and e-mail them worldwide
  • Training sessions Internet for 500 teachers in Brussels, Malonne and Geel

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