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Projects : RELATED: remote learning with BRIDGED


RELATED: remote learning with BRIDGED


ReLaTeD: Remote Learning and Teacher Development. Training of teachers in the use of new media. LEONARDO pilot project


  • Strategic Plan Kempen (BE) , project co-ordinator
  • NMS, KHK, Access (BE), TCC/PROREC (GE), Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic (FI), Soc. Desenvolvemento de Galicia (SP)


  • Designing, developing and implementation of modules for the training of coaches/teachers in the use of ICT
  • Designing and developing a strong Technological Learning environment
  • Designing new organisation models for the interaction and “ co-operative learning” between coaches
  • Training teachers in all skills to use new media in an educational environment
  • Dissemination of the project results via Internet

Progress and Activities:

  • Project meetings in the countries of the different partners, to develop the right strategy, to exchange experiences, and to stimulate the progress of the project
  • Market research and tests with the target group in the different partner countries
  • Developing training modules and a programme of the learning environment, by all the work groups


  • BRIDGED, a powerful learning environment on the Internet with all functions for interaction, information, communication and organisation of the learning process
  • Training modules for coaches/ teachers in the use of ICT
  • In-service training sessions with test groups of teachers in the use of new media and BRIDGED, in all partner countries

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